I believe in health, conscious business and empowering people through great hair.

I believe we shouldn't have to sacrifice our health for beauty, these things go hand in hand.

I believe we can change the industry so that it is more conscious of providing a safe, comfortable space for everyone.


Well hi there! I’m so excited you dropped by…
I hope you’re ready to get amazing hair without compromising your health.

I know firsthand how the products we use can impact our lives. I almost had to leave
my career because I thought there was no other option.

So I’m here to tell you that’s not the case.
You CAN get the hair you’ve always wanted, without the nasty chemicals.


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I’m so glad that the universe helped me find Diana! She is a true talent, and a beautiful soul. I always feel so inspired + refreshed leaving the salon after a visit in her chair. What Diana does is so much more than a haircut. When I used to get cuts elsewhere, the introvert in me would feel so awkward making small talk conversation. But this felt like I was having an entrepreneurial jam session + getting a gorgeous cut at the same time. I also had the absolute pleasure of working with Diana for my wedding. She took the time and care to help me create the perfect look, and had my bridesmaids and family looking radiant for my big day. I highly recommend Diana as a leader in the green beauty field!
— Amber Ellis, Creating Light Studio