Owner, Director Stylist

Well hi there! I’m so excited you dropped by… I hope you’re ready to get amazing hair without compromising your health.

I know firsthand how the products we use can impact our lives. I almost had to leave my career because I thought there was no other option. 

So I’m here to tell you that’s not the case. That you can get the hair you’ve always wanted, without most of the nasty chemicals.

Since starting my career in 2006, it has spanned two different provinces and included creative and branding photoshoots, work for E! Canada, media presentations, mentoring and education.

I’ve always been sensitive (bubble child right here), but it took two health crises to really make a change. I was diagnosed with Reactive Lymph Nodes in 2016, and had what was supposed to be a small surgery to biopsy (no cancer #gratefulAF). This ended up as a major surgery, a second emergency surgery a week later and oh so many complications after that. Two general anaesthetics, two invasive neck surgeries, infection and nerve damage left my body totally in shock. I lost about 30% of my hair and had massive fatigue.

A couple months later… my immune system still severely compromised, I caught the flu, had a reaction to a perfume in salon and ended up at the hospital twice for asthma complications. Real talk? I didn’t know if I would survive the 13 minutes it took for the paramedics to reach my house after calling 911. 

(Pause to #breathe)

I was put on long term steroids and basically steamed veggies and slept for weeks. I looked for other jobs, there was no way I could continue to work with the chemicals in the “traditional” industry. I just couldn’t imagine leaving the craft I had loved for so long.

I decided to take control and become my own boss. I only work with companies that I believe in. Companies that understand the need for true, clean beauty. And it’s been the most incredible journey ever since. I get to help people achieve beautiful hair using healthier ingredients, as well as educate them on lifestyle habits to feed their hair. I still battle chemical sensitivity almost every day and am trying to raise awareness about the damage toxins (and fragrance especially) do to us.

I am determined to change the world to make it safer for everyone.


Associate Stylist

Selena Hofmann is an Aveda Institute Toronto graduate and has been working in the hair industry for two years, joining us in January 2019. In that short time span, she has been able to work as a salon assistant, on set, and at different community events offering her hair expertise. Selena’s passion for hair combined with her interests in health, the environment, and social causes has brought her to Diana’s team. She believes in empowering people's self expression through hair and exploring the connnection between the health of our bodies and the health of the planet.

Selena will be assisting in salon as well as coordinating reservations. You can find her @selenahofmann.